All Applications

Finishing & Polishing Industry

Full range of synthetic diamond and CBN products for superabrasive wheels and grinding tools to meet finishing & Polishing industry.

Petroleum & Geology Industry

Carefully designed metal bond micron diamond has extremely low intrinsic and surface impurity content, suitable for consistent and reliable PDC tools.

Semicon & Led Industry

Crownkyn can provide highly engineered diamond powders for a variety of wire applications for cutting and dicing wafers of sapphire and silicon.

Stone Carving Industry

Adopting “vacuum cladding single crystal brazing technology” and selecting high hardness diamond to ensure the excellent workability of carving knife.

Auto Processing Industry

Crownkyn Superhard can provide superabrasive tools for the automotive industry to process engines, chassis and transmission components.

Laser Cutting & Engraving

Proving independently developed laser cutting technology and applied the laser technology to the cutting and engraving of superhard products.

Wood Working Tools

PCD diamond saw blades has longer service life, higher efficiency and better cutting consistency and it is the best choice for woodworking operations.

Aerospace Material Processing

PCD milling cutters can process high-temperature alloys, intermetallic compounds, advanced ceramics, carbon fiber composites.

3C Products Processing

Providing PCD chamfering cutters, PCD milling cutters and other diamond tools have been well used in the shell processing of 3C products.