Semicon & Led Industry

artificial diamond in Semicon and LED Industry

Currently, with the rapid development of semiconductor and Led technology, diamond has become the preferred abrasive for processing silicon and sapphire wafers in diamond wire products to achieve the best performance. In these technically demanding applications, electroplated nickel or resin adhesives are usually used to attach diamonds to fine precision steel wires.

Crownkyn can provide highly engineered diamond powders for a variety of wire applications for cutting and dicing wafers of sapphire and silicon. We offer nickel-coated diamond with a coating weight of 5% to 50%, depending on the application. Our proprietary manufacturing process ensures the highest level of quality and consistency through precise control of key parameters, including size and distribution (PSD), shape / aspect ratio, coating thickness and surface coverage.

Products Designed to Your Application

Crownkyn uncoated and coated diamond products can be engineered to specific weights and chemistries to meet your most challenging wire coating process applications.

WSMD (Wire Saw Micron Diamond) — Designed for wafering applications, with good overall size and shape in sizes ranging from 8-16 micron to 30-40 micron.

WSMDP (Wire Saw Micron Diamond Premium) — Same raw feed, but with tighter grading to create a controlled PSD for sizes ranging from 4-6 micron to 10-20 micron.

WSMD2 — Same as MBDWP, but with a much tighter PSD with sizes ranging from 4-6 micron to 10-20 micron.

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