Mesh Synthetic Diamond

Metal Bond Saw Grit Diamond

Metal Bond Saw Grit Diamond has extremely high strength,low metallic inclusions,excellent thermal stability and controlled shape.

Metal Bond Mesh Diamond (MBD)

Metal Bond Mesh Diamond is a synthetic material, grown slowly compared to resin bond diamond, resulting in the structures with higher toughness.

Resin and Vitrified Bond Mesh Diamond (RVD)

Resin and Vitrified Bond Mesh Diamond has excellent brittleness and self-sharpness and is suitable for making resin bond tools.

Micron Synthetic Diamond

Metal Bond Micron Diamond

Metal Bond Micron Diamond has high toughness and high particle strength.

Resin Bond Micron Diamond

Resin Bond Micron Diamond is a synthetic material with a friable crystal structure, high self-sharpness.

PDC/PCD Micron Diamond

PDC Micron Diamond is used to manufacture PDC drilling tools used in oil and gas exploration.

Wire Saw Micron Diamond

Wire Saw Micron Diamond is made by using high-strength and high-purity MBD series diamonds as raw materials.

Polycrystalline-like Micron Diamond

Polycrystalline Micron Diamond has a concentrated particle size distribution and high particle toughness.

Nano Diamond

Nano Diamond has the excellent hardness and abrasiveness of diamond, also has the new characteristics of nano-functional materials.

Coated Diamond

Ni-Coated Diamond by electroplated

Nickel-coated Diamond has a rough surface with thorns, enhanced grip and good heat dissipation.

Ti-Coated Diamond

Titanium-coated Diamond can prevent diamond carbonization and oxidation, protect diamond performance.