Nano Diamond

Nano diamond (NND)

Nano Diamond not only has the excellent hardness and abrasiveness of diamond, but also has the new characteristics of nano-functional materials.

Item Name: Nano Diamond

Size: 30nm~800nm

Applications: Suitable for ultra-fine polishing, lubrication and anti-wear.


Nano-diamond is composed of microcrystalline diamond particles with particle size not more than 20 nanometers. Special detonation synthesis conditions make its basic particles nearly spherical with abundant functional groups on the surface, and the specific surface area is increased by an order of magnitude compared with that of single-crystal diamond products.This product not only has excellent hardness and grinding properties of diamond, but also has new properties of nanometer functional materials, excellent dispersion, biocompatibility and high surface activity in water.

According to different purposes, the purification, surface modification, and fine classification of nano-diamond primary products synthesized by detonation can ensure the provision of different types of nano-diamond products, including:

  • Dry Black Powder
  • Black Suspension
  • Dry grey Powder Series
  • Grey Suspension Series


  • High hardness and high wear resistance.
  • High specific surface area, porous structure.
  • Ultra-high purity, uniform particle size distribution.
  • High thermal stability, excellent thermal conductivity.
  • Unique surface modification treatment makes the surface functional group controllable.
  • Unique corrosion resistance makes it have good stable dispersion performance under various conditions such as water-based and oil-based.


Nano-diamond are widely used in aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, information industry, precision machinery, optical instruments, automobile manufacturing, biomedicine and other industries.

1. The most ideal polishing agent to obtain atomic polishing surface. It is especially used for the finishing and polishing of various hard materials such as fine ceramics, integrated circuit chips, gems, ferrite heads, quartz plates, super-hard alloys, optical lenses.

2. Used as a lubricant additive to change sliding friction into rolling friction, which can reduce friction coefficient, significantly improve friction performance and extend service life.

3. The composite plating and spraying of the surface of various workpieces can improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact toughness and surface hardness of the workpiece surface.

4. As an additive to rubber and plastic, it can significantly enhance its abrasion resistance and stretchability, and slow down aging.

5. Nano-diamond is an irreplaceable material for producing polycrystalline diamond and diamond film.

6. High-purity nano-diamond will not cause biological rejection reaction. At the same time, due to its large specific surface area and strong adsorption potential, it can be widely used in medical, biological and cosmetic fields.


Size 30nm 50nm 80nm 100nm 120nm 150nm 200nm 300nm 500nm 800nm
Water Base
Oil Base
Dry Grey Powder

Note: According to customer needs, we can provide nano diamonds with a particle size of 5-10nm.

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