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Precision Metal Bond Diamond Powders Designed for PDC Cutters

Crownkyn Superhard provides precision metal-bonded diamond powder specifically for manufacturing PDC (polycrystalline diamond composite disc) drill tools used in oil and gas exploration. Our carefully designed metal bond micron diamond has extremely low intrinsic and surface impurity content, suitable for consistent and reliable PDC tools, with long edge retention and long drill bits in harsh drilling environments life.

We offer two high-purity PDC micro diamond powders to maximize drill bit performance in oil and gas applications.

• MBDP (Metal Bonding Premium)-designed for all PDC tool types, with a size range of 0-.25 microns to 40-50 microns
• MBDP2– has the same performance as MBP, but the shape is slightly block to increase the packing density, the size range is 0-.25 microns to 40-50 microns

High-Quality PDC Cutters Tailored for PDC Drits

Crownkyn Superhard diamond composite sheet is made by sintering diamond micropowder and cemented carbide substrate under ultra-high pressure and high temperature. It has the high hardness, high wear resistance and thermal conductivity of diamond, and strength and impact toughness of cemented carbide. Widely used in industries such as oil drilling, geological exploration, coal field drilling and machining tools. PDC cutters are widely used in oil field drilling, natural gas and geological exploration, coal mining and other drilling and milling.

PDC Cutters for Drilling: Suitable for the drilling of geological exploration, coal field and oil mining, with high impact toughness and thermal stability, heat resistance temperature up to 750 ℃ (two minutes). This type of product has a flat surface and a combination of various groove surfaces, and can be designed according to user needs, such as groove shape, grinding, polishing, chamfering, and can also provide products with special shapes.

PDC Cutters for Mechanical Cutting: Suitable for cutting high-hardness alloys, wood, ceramics and other non-metals, with high hardness and wear resistance, and high cutting accuracy. We can process the products into rectangular, triangular, fan-shaped and other shapes according to user needs and can be used to make wear-resistant devices, drill bits, and bit teeth (with spherical shape and cone shape).

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