PDC Cutters for Oil & Gas Drilling

PDC Cutters for Oil & Gas are widely used in oil and gas drilling development and geological drilling.

Name: PDC Cutters for Oil & Gas Drilling

Material: Diamond and Tungsten carbide

PDC Thickness: 1.8-2.5mm

Application: Suitable for oil and gas drilling


Crownkyn Superhard polycrystalline diamond composite sheet (PDC cutter) is composed of polycrystalline diamond layer sintered with tungsten carbide substrate under ultrahigh temperature and high pressure. The PDC tool combines the advantages of diamond and tungsten carbide. It has the high hardness, high wear resistance and thermal conductivity of diamond, and has the strength and impact toughness of cemented carbide.

Our diamond composite discs for oil and gas drill bits adopt American technology, use high-grade diamond powder and cemented carbide matrix, adopt new high-efficiency catalysts and new processes, and have complete C-C bonds between the diamond grains in the polycrystalline diamond layer. The combined microscopic features make the diamond layer have high strength, high hardness and high wear resistance. Using a variety of tooth structure and special post-processing technology, the residual stress of the diamond composite sheet is effectively reduced, the interface bonding is firmer and more uniform, and it has the characteristics of higher thermal stability and stronger impact toughness.

We provide customized production services based on customer drawings and uses, as well as a variety of special-shaped PDC cutters.


  • Sintering highly wear-resistant, high-quality materials to form a diamond layer with a rigid frame structure.
  • Good thermal conductivity. Its maximum bearing temperature can reach 700 ° C.
  • Good linear expansion coefficient and good processing accuracy.
  • Good impact resistance. PDC uses tungsten carbide material with good impact resistance, and the diamond layer can ensure the toughness of impact resistance.
  • Strong binding force. The interface between the diamond layer and the tungsten carbide layer is designed with corrugated teeth. The bonding force can be increased, and the adverse effects of planar residual stress on PDC performance can be avoided.


Due to the unique production and inspection process, pdc tools have good wear resistance, self-sharpness and impact resistance, and are widely used in oil and gas drilling development and geological drilling.


Product Type Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Diamond Thickness (mm)
PDCSY1916 19.05 16 2.3—2.5
PDCSY1913 19.05 13.2 2.3—2.5
PDCSY1610 16.05 10 2.3—2.5
PDCSY1613 16.05 13.2 1.8—2.0
PDCSY1610 16.05 10 1.8—2.0
PDCSY1608 16.05 8 1.8—2.0
PDCSY1310 13.44 10 1.8—2.0
PDCSY1313 13.44 13.2 1.8—2.0
PDCSY1308 13.44 8 1.8—2.0
PDCSY1304 13.33 4.5 1.8—2.0

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