Stone Carving Industry

Stone Carving Industry

Crownkyn Superhard stone carving knife adopts “vacuum cladding single crystal brazing technology” selected high hardness diamond material to ensure the excellent workability of the carving knife. It has the characteristics of high structural strength, high wear resistance, high strength and toughness, etc. It is a special tool used in CNC stone engraving machine.

PCD Engraving Cutters —Adopting imported polycrystalline diamond blades, using vacuum welding technology, the blade is not damaged and does not fall off, and the micro-grinding technology makes the blade sharpness and strength optimized.

Vaccum Brazed Diamond Engraving Tool — It is manufactured with special high-tech “smelting diamond technology”, which has the characteristics of good sharpness, high engraving efficiency, no deformation of the cutter head, and high engraving precision. As the tool of choice for high-efficiency relief carving of marble, bluestone and sandstone, it is also a tool for engraving large letters.

Vaccum Brazed Diamond Grinding Head — Because the cutter head is made of multi-layer diamond sintering, it has a very long life. It is generally used for granite milling bottoms. When making difficult-to-machine stones such as granite, in order to avoid excessive tool costs, sintered grinding heads Knife.

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