PCD Engraving Cutters for Stone

PCD Engraving Cutters for Stone are mainly used for lettering, relief, polishing, carving patterns, cutting lines, hollowing, milling bottom.

Item Name: PCD Engraving Cutters for Stone

Angle: 70°,90°,120°

Handle Diameter: 6mm

Application: Suitable for carving or relief of marble, granite, ceramic


Crownkyn Superhard PCD Engraving Cutters for stone adopts “vacuum cladding brazing technology” with selecting high-hardness diamond material to ensure the excellent workability of the carving cutters. It has the characteristics of high edge sharpness, good wear resistance, fast processing speed, high smoothness, high production efficiency, long service life, no dust pollution, and can realize efficient, precise and high-efficiency processing.

Brazed diamond carving knives for stone are used to cut and polish marble, granite, artificial stone, ceramic tile, jade and other materials. It can also be used for cemented carbide, cast iron, resin, magnetic materials, glass. It is an excellent small-grinding tool for grinding small areas or grinding small areas into fragments. It can be used for grinding special surfaces such as inner circles, fillets, grooves, arcs, and cones. Used for lettering, relief, polishing, carving patterns, cutting lines, hollowing, milling, etc.

We provide product customization services. Our PCD engraving cutters for stone can be applied to CNC engraving machines, electric grinders, hanging grinders, hand electric drills and other equipment.


  • Optimized material and longer service life
  • Sharp and wear-resistant, high cutting speed
  • Smooth cutting and high finish
  • Not easy to break the knife, efficient cutting


1. Used for carving stone steles, tombstones, merit steles, wayfinding steles, calligraphy steles, art seals, etc.

2. Used for finishing of natural bluestone, marble, granite, jade. For Example, processing flat tiles into artistic floor tiles

3. Used for finishing of art glass, jade, screen, glass ornaments, etc.

4. Perform secondary processing on handicrafts, such as carving patterns on stone tables and stools, and lettering on dishes.

5. Lettering, scribing, embossing, engraving of yin and yang characters, etc. can be carried out on the plane, sphere and concave surface of the above objects. The depth, roundness, flatness and sharp bottom of the pattern can be freely controlled. The processed product has a three-dimensional effect.

6. Can be used for line carving, two-dimensional carving, three-dimensional carving, cutting, chamfering, bottom cleaning, drilling, etc.

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