Thermally Stable Polycrystalline Diamond (TSP)

TSP has extremely high thermal stability and are ideal materials for wear protection of petroleum/geological drill bits and sucker rod reamers.

Item Name: Thermally Stable Polycrystalline Diamond (TSP)

Shape: Cubes, Cylinder, Rectangles, Triangles, arc-shaped

Application: suitable for oil drilling bits and mining bits.


Thermally stable polycrystalline Diamond (TSP) is a diamond polymer made by sintering diamond and bonding agent under high temperature and high pressure. It has extremely high heat resistance and high thermal stability. The shape is triangular, square, rectangular, cylindrical, arc at both ends, and its diversification is suitable for various drilling tools and geological requirements. It is an ideal material for providing wear protection for petroleum / geological drill bits and sucker rod reamers.

The wear ratio of some of our main TSP products can reach 80,000 to 120, 000 and the thermal stability can reach more than 1,200 ℃, which can provide excellent diameter protection effect for petroleum / geological drill bits. Crownkyn superhard thermally stable polycrystalline have more uniform shape control and wear resistance. We choose different formulas and processes to effectively control the wear ratio, and produce high-quality polycrystalline drill bits and gauge-protected polycrystals under high temperature and high pressure.


  • Has good thermal stability and higher impact strength and better wear resistance.
  • The consumption ratio can reach 30,000 ~ 120,000.
  • Can meet various complex bottom drilling needs.


Thermally Stable Polycrystalline Diamond is used in the manufacture of petroleum, geological drill bits, machining tools.


Cylinder Type:D*H(mm) Cuboid Type:H*W*L(mm)
Φ1.5*3.5 1.5*1.5*5
Φ1.5*4 1.5*1.5*10
Φ1.8*4 2*2*4
Φ2*4 2*2*6
Φ2.7*4 2*2*8
Φ3*3 4*8*20
Φ3*5 Cube Type:H*W*L(mm)
Φ3*6 2*2*2
Φ4*4 3*3*3
Φ4*5 4*4*4
Φ4*6 5*5*5
Φ5*4 10*10*10
Φ5*5 Arc-Shaped Type:H*W*L(mm)
Φ5.3*2.1 3*3*10
Φ6*3 3.5*3.5*10
Φ6*4 Triangular Type:T*T*T*L(mm)
Φ6*6 3*3*3*10
Φ6*8 4*4*4*2.6
Φ6*12 5*5*5*3
Φ6.3*3.3 6*6*6*3.5
Φ8*3 6*6*6*4
Φ8*5 6*6*6*4.5
Φ13.5*6.35 7*7*7*2
Φ16*6.35 4*4*4*2.12

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