Metal Bond Mesh Diamond (MBD)

Metal Bond Mesh Diamond (MBD)

Metal Bond Mesh Diamond has a uniform particle size distribution and high toughness, and is suitable for making metal bonded abrasives.

Item Name: Metal Bond Mesh Diamond

Size: 50/60~400/500

Applications: Suitable for metal bonded abrasives, ceramic bonded abrasives and electroplated products


Crownkyn Superhard metal-bonded diamonds use MBD series high-strength and high-tech diamonds as raw materials. Compared with resin-bonded diamonds, its growth is slow, so it has a single crystal structure with high toughness and typical bulk crystal. It is suitable for resin, metal, and electroplating systems for applications, such as grinding ceramics, cemented carbide and glass.

We provide products customized according to customer requirements.


  • Regular crystal shape and uniform particle size distribution.
  • Very low impurity content, no magnetic performance, good chemical stability, high temperature resistance.
  • High standard production technology ensures the impact toughness and thermal stability of diamond.


Crownkyn Superhard metal bond mesh diamond is suitable for metal bonded abrasives, electroplated bonded abrasives, and ceramic abrasive products. It can be used to process hard alloys such as cemented carbide, glass, precious stones, ceramics, and stone.

1.For making metal bonded abrasive tools, it is mainly used for rough grinding, fine grinding and cutting of non-metal materials such as glass, ceramics, stone, concrete, and semiconductor materials. For example, metal bonding superabrisive wheels, rollers.

2.For making electroplated bonding abrasives, it is mainly used for the grinding of molds made of hard alloy or hard-to-grind steel, and the processing of nesting of optical glass and semiconductor silicon wafers. Such as electroplated diamond assortment, nesting knife, small grinding head, electroplating reamer and so on.

3.For making ceramic bonded abrasive tools, it can well meet the high-precision grinding requirements of difficult-to-machine materials and is suitable for use in CNC grinders and automated production lines, such as flat, cup, and bowl grinding wheels.


60/70 70/80 80/100 100/120 120/140 140/170 170/200 200/230 230/270 270/325 325/400

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