Polycrystalline Diamond Paste

Polycrystalline Diamond Paste

Crownkyn polycrystalline diamond paste has greater number of cutting facets than monocrystalline diamond paste, therefore giving more precise results when surfaces polishing.

Item Name: Polycrystalline Diamond Paste

Weight: 5g, 10g

Application: Suitable for ceramic polishing, Sapphire polishing, Hard metals polishing, Metallographic polishing.


The polycrystalline diamond paste is typically used on hard to polish materials such as ceramics, tool steels, sapphire, and super alloys. It has more facets or cutting edges and keeps its cutting ability by being less friable (easily crumbled or pulverized) than the more common and less costly monocrystalline diamonds. Polycrystalline diamond is somewhat spherical in shape and it has a greater number of cutting facets than monocrystalline diamond, therefore reducing subsurface deformation, giving more precise results when surfaces are etched.

Crownkyn soluble polycrystalline diamond polishing compound offers water and oil soluble, which is a highly lubricating and homogenous paste for consistent and controlled performance.


  • Highly lubricated to produce a brilliant surface shine
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Knowledgeable application engineers available for consultation
  • Standard sizes ranging from 0.5 to 9μm


Crownkyn polycrystalline diamond paste is suitable for the processing of measuring tools, cutting tools, optical instruments and other high finish workpieces made of high hardness materials such as glass, ceramics, hard alloy, natural diamond and precious stones.

  • Ceramics Polishing
  • Sapphire Polishing
  • Hard metals Polishing
  • Metallographic polishing


Size (μm) Mesh Usage
0.5 60000# Super Mirror Polishing
1.0 28000#
3.0 8000# High Precision Polishing
6.0 3000# Precision Polishing
9.0 1800#

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