Vitrified Bond Diamond Double Disk Grinding Wheel

Vitrified Bond Diamond Double Disk Grinding Wheel

Item Name: Vitrified Bond Diamond Double Disk Grinding Wheel

Size Range: 600mm~1500mm

Shape: cylindrical, hexagonal, fan-shaped, square

Applications: Suitable for tungsten copper alloys and ceramic materials


Crownkyn Superhard vitrified bond diamond double sided grinding wheels have the advantages of high grinding efficiency and high grinding force in the grinding process of some special materials such as ceramics. They have a good prospect in the development of diamond grinding discs. It is considered to be a high-precision, low-grinding cost, and high-performance grinding wheel with low environmental pollution.


  • Sharp cutting and high grinding efficiency
  • High wear resistance
  • Good thermal conductivity in grinding, no workpiece burns
  • Grinded workpiece with high precision, good surface quality and good flatness


Ceramic bonding diamond grinding discs is specially used for tungsten copper alloy, at the same time suitable for rough grinding or fine grinding of various materials (such as silicon carbide seals, alumina ceramic seals, zirconia ceramic seals, metal ceramic seals, etc.), rhinestones, crystals, glass (Such as lead glass, radiation-proof glass), various gems, zircons, ceramics, ceramic valves, semiconductor materials, various YG series hard alloy products, various engineering plastics, magnetic materials, tools, precision springs, etc.

Supporting equipment: Suitable for the double disk grinding machine produced by our company. It is also used on Germany Peter Walter, South Korea AM, UK Laimat and other domestic and foreign double-face grinder.

Technical Parameter

Outer Diameter 600mm-1500mm
Hole Diameter 200mm-500mm
Total Thickness 50mm-100mm
CBN Grit 100-1500 mesh
CBN Working Layer Thickness 5mm-7mm
CBN Shape cylindrical, hexagonal, fan-shaped, square
Durability grinding tungsten copper alloy, each set of grinding discs can grind more than one million pieces in the Guanchen GC-2M8100A and GC-2M870A grinding machines.
Grinding Disc Accuracy flatness, parallelism ≤0.02mm
Workpiece Precision Roughness 0.1μm ~ 1.2μm,Flatness ≤0.001mm, parallelism ≤0.001mm, contour height ± 0.001mm

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