round micron diamond powder for semiconductor

According to the characteristics and processing requirements of hard and brittle materials, the round micron diamond powder was produced by a special shaping process to round and roughen the particles to ensure that each particle is perfectly round and regular without prominent edges and corners. The rough surface of diamond particles significantly enhances the holding force with the workpiece, and its rounded shape can effectively avoid problems such as the chipping and scratching of hard and brittle materials during processing.

round micron diamond powder for Precision machining

Product Features

Round or spherical diamond particles

Smooth particle edge without sharp corner

Suitable for precision grinding or polishing

Product Details

Micron Diamond Powder for the Semiconductor industry is made of high-grade single-crystal artificial diamond as raw material. The diamond particles are almost spherical or round, with narrow particle size distribution, extremely low impurity content, good dispersibility and strong wear resistance, and can be combined with a variety of binders.

Spherical diamond polishing powderSpherical diamond polishing powder

Product Application

Round micron diamond powder is especially suitable for precision polishing of optical products, and silicon wafers. It also can be used to be made precision grinding wheels for polishing sapphire and jade, and it is also suitable for precision grinding and polishing of machinery, ceramics, gemstones, semiconductors and other materials. In addition, it also can be used to prepare various diamond tools such as metal bond diamond tools and electroplated diamond products, which provides the best solution for precision grinding and polishing in many fields.

precision grinding and polishing for semiconductor