The stone is relatively hard, and the cutter must bear a large load during the cutting and engraving process. Therefore, stone engraving knives mostly use shanks with a diameter of more than 6MM. Similar to ordinary engraving knives, the types of stone engraving knives can be divided into several types, such as center sharp knives, flat bottom sharp knives, ball straight knives, flat bottom straight knives, tapered ball knives, and tapered flat knives. The choice of stone carving knife needs to be flexibly selected according to the specific stone material, carving method, specific drawing, engraving size and depth. It is unbelievable that a certain tool can solve all the problems of stone carving
Stone engraving tools as the core components of stone engraving machines, they have different classifications, and different types of cutters are suitable for different materials. In China, the types of carved stone include granite, marble, bluestone, sandstone, and other stone materials, mainly tombstone lettering and relief patterns. Tombstone lettering is mainly used for granite lettering, the rest is a small amount of marble and bluestone. Relief is mainly used for granite, marble, bluestone, sandstone and other stone materials. Generally, there are more marble, bluestone, sandstone and less granite. How to choose the right engraving tool to process different materials.

With reference to the selection and matching method of stone carving knife, the following points can be summarized:

Ordinary alloy knife: high-performance alloy material, double-edged design, good sharpness, high-cost performance, easy manual regrind. Generally used for carving bluestone and marble. Because the angle of this knife is not standard, it is not suitable for relief.


Standard angle alloy knife: It adopts high-performance alloy material and double-edged design. Compared with an ordinary knife-type alloy knife, its angle is standard, and the effect of lettering and fine relief is good. Generally used for carving bluestone and marble.


Smelting diamond sharpening knife: Manufactured by military high-tech “smelting diamond technology”, it has the characteristics of good sharpness, high engraving efficiency, no deformation of the cutter head and high engraving accuracy. Therefore, relief carving can be performed on marble, bluestone, sandstone and other materials, and it is also very good at engraving large characters.


Vaccum Brazed diamond knife: Adopting “vacuum cladding single crystal brazing technology”, it has good sharpness, no deformation, long life, difficult to fall off, and smooth cutting. The application of double spiral grooves has better cooling effect, fast heat dissipation and higher working efficiency. Generally used for relief, round carving of bluestone, marble, sandstone and other stone materials. We can provide vacuum brazed diamond engraving knives with different specifications according to customer needs.


Integral alloy triangular edge knife: using ultra-fine and ultra-wear-resistant alloy. Abrasion resistance is much higher than other triangular blades on the market. Standard angle, good lettering effect. However, users who do not have a universal sharpener are advised not to use it.

PCD Polycrystalline Diamond Knife: Adopt premium polycrystalline diamond blade and apply vacuum welding technology, the blade will not be damaged or fall off. Micro-grinding technology optimizes the sharpness and strength of the blade. It has the characteristics of good hardness, long life and good carving effect. Generally used to engrave small granite.

Sintered diamond sharpening knife: Its cutting head is made of multiple layers of diamond sintering, and has a relatively high life. But the sharpness is not high, and the cutter head will be deformed.