The PDC cutters are sintered by using the diamond micro-powder and the cemented carbide substrate under ultra-high pressure and high-temperature condition and has high hardness, high wear resistance and thermal conductivity of the diamond, and the strength and impact toughness of the hard alloy. It is the ideal material for cutting tools, drilling bits, and other wear-resistant tools. It is widely used in oil drilling, geological exploration, coal mining drill bit and machining tools.

Drilling and diamond-like cutters: suitable for soft to medium-hard geological drilling, with high impact toughness and thermal stability, heat resistant temperature up to 750 ° C (two minutes), such products are available in flat and various grooves Face combination type, and can be designed according to user needs, groove, grinding, polishing, chamfering, etc., can provide special shape products.

Mechanical tool PDC cutters: suitable for cutting and processing non-metallic, non-ferrous metals and other metals such as high hardness alloys, wood, ceramics, etc., high cutting precision According to users’ needs, the product with high hardness and wear resistance is processed into a rectangular, triangular, fan-shaped shape, etc. It can be used to make wear-resistant parts, drill bits, tips, and drill teeth.

Henan Crownkyn Company introduces international advanced technology, strengthens its own technology development strength training, adopts new high-efficiency catalyst and new technology, and the diamond composite sheet produced has various tooth structure, the interface is firm and uniform, and has high wear resistance. Thermal stability and strong impact toughness.