The current development direction of PDC Cutters mainly includes:
1. The polycrystalline diamond layer is continuously thickened, from the initial less than 1mm to the current 2-4mm, and the life of the product is also increased.
2. The diamond grains are getting finer and finer, and the comprehensive performance of wear resistance and impact resistance is improved.
3. Improve the thermal stability by optimizing the process or removing Co and increasing the heat-resistant layer.
4. Optimization of interface structure to improve interface stress.
5. The diameter of the product is continuously increased to improve the synthesis efficiency.
6. Improve the sintering effect and reduce the performance difference.

With the advancement of technology, a new type of PDC cutters has been developed in the industry. The roof type, the helmet type, the bread slice and the like have the following shaped pieces, which greatly improve the impact toughness of the PDC Cutters without affecting the wear ratio. This has pushed diamond composite technology to a new level.