PCD Cutting Tools

Crownkyn Superhard adopts unique manufacturing technology and excellent quality control. Our products include PCD micro drill, PCD square end mill, PCD end mill with multi flutes, PCD wear parts, diamond grinding pin, diamond grinding head and other diamond precision machining tools. The machining accuracy of our products can reach the nanometer level and the tool life is super long. If you are interested in our products, please contact us, and we also provide customized services.

PCD Micro Drill

PCD micro-drills have fine cutting edges and can be in the semiconductor industry and difficult-to-machine materials.

PCD Thread End Mill

PCD Thread End Mill is specially designed for threaded hole milling of AlSiC material.

PCD Flat End Mill

PCD Flat End Mill is specially designed for graphite, ceramic, sapphire and glass milling and machining.

PCD Ball End Mill

PCD Ball End Mill is designed for arc surface and chamber processing of graphite, glass and sapphire.

PCD End Mill with Corner Radius

PCD End Mills with Corner Radius are designed for curved Surface processing of graphite, ceramic, sapphire and glass.

PCD Ball End Mill with Corner Radius

PCD Ball End Mill with Corner Radius is designed for semi-finishing and finishing surfaces of graphite, ceramics, sapphire and glass.

PCD End Mill/PCD End Mill Blank

PCD end mill is suitable for processing aluminum, polymer , acrylic, PVC and other difficult-to-process materials.

PCD micro-hole processing

Adopting laser cutting and engraving technology to provide special-shaped PDC drill bits, PCD / PCBN composite pieces, ceramics and other diamond shaped wear Parts.

Diamond Micro Drill Bit

Diamond Micro Drill Bit Diamond micro core drill is mainly used for drilling and milling grooves of ceramics, silicon carbide, glass materials.

Diamond Grinding Head is mainly used for edge grinding and groove milling of ceramics, silicon carbide, sapphire substrates material.

Brazed Diamond Engraving Cutters is mainly used for relief and round carving of bluestone, marble, and other stone materials.

Brazed Diamond Grinding Head is sharp and durable, mainly used for grinding stone, glass, ceramic.